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Even in winter, your lawn needs a little attention.

Basic Winter Garden Chores:

1) Do NOT turn off your sprinkler system. Adjust your clock to minimum watering and keep an eye on the lawn. Grass isn't growing but roots are, they need some water in the winter.

2) Winter is the best time to trim trees and prune bushes. Trim the trees anytime. Wait until February to trim or prune crepe myrtles and bushes.

3) Adding mulch to flower beds will make beds look nice and help insulate plants in the winter.

4) In January we recommend putting a pre-emergent on your lawn. A pre-emergent will help with weed control later in the year; it helps control weed-seeds from germinating. In Texas, your lawn needs all the help it can get to reduce weeds. Spring storms bring in even more weed-seeds. We suggest you apply another pre-emergent in May to continuously address weeds.

5) Get the fallen leaves off your lawn. Fallen leaves block needed sunlight for your grass.

These few chores will go a long way in maintaining a beautiful lawn.

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