Shade Solutions

We LOVE the shade in the hot Texas summers.

Sometimes, however, too much shade on our lawn causes thin grass, mud pits, and standing water.

Here are a few possible solutions for "too much shade" in your yard.

  • Thin out your trees or raise the canopy of your trees. Thinning will allow the light to reach the ground and help the grass recover. And if the canopy is too low, again, sunlight is blocked.

  • Replace grass in this areas with a "shade tolerant" grass. There are varieties of grass that were developed to flourish in shady areas.

  • In especially shady areas, adding rock or a stone walkway is also a great option. Stone allows water to flow and evaporate more quickly, which eliminates the mud-pits.

You have options and we can help you determine which option suits your yard best.

Then you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the shade. And stop worrying about the kids or dogs tracking mud into your home.

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