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Efficient Lawn Watering - Suggested Watering Amounts & Start Times

Updated: 7 hours ago

Suggested minutes of watering if you have good to great coverage over your lawn and beds:

  • Sprays 4 min (sprays in fan shape pattern, in beds & beds) x 3 Start Times = 12 minutes

  • Rotors 10 min (mainly in large coverage areas, grass/lawn areas) x 3 Start Times – 30 minutes

  • Drip 10 min (tubes and pipes under the soil, in beds & along street curb) x 3 Start Times = 30 minutes

Suggested start times each time you water:

  • 2:00 AM, 4:00 AM, 6:00 AM (Set clock for 3 start times)

  • Why three start times? Water will penetrate the soil much more efficiently, MUCH LESS runoff.

Suggestions if you do not have ideal coverage over your lawn and your beds.

  • Increase the minutes on the recommendations above.

  • Next, set the seasonal adjustment percentage to these monthly percentages:

-        January - 20% -    July - 100%

-        February - 60%                                   -    August - 110%

-        March - 80%                                       -    September - 100%

-        April - 90%                                          -    October - 90%

-        May - 100%                                         -    November - 65%

-        June - 100%                                       -    December - 15%

These are just suggestions to start with. You may have to increase or decrease the percentages a little bit. But, instead of having to change all the minutes and days per week, you can just change the percentages based on months.

Rain and Freeze Stat (Sensor)

  • Rain and freeze sensors prevent automatic irrigation systems from operating when sufficient rain has to trip the sensor or when temperatures are below freezing.

  • Also, if you have a rain and free stat, that will help you save $200 or $300 a year. If you don't have a rain and freeze stat, we do install those. Call us for a price.

Smart Controller

  • A smart controller automatically updates the watering schedule to allow for changes in water needs throughout the year, it can adjust settings for you every month of the year. This way, you don't have to adjust it every month, the smart controller automatically adjusts the number watering minutes through the season! Set and forget! We also install smart controllers. 

  • A smart controller can save you an additional $250 to $500 or more a year, depending upon how big your property is.

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