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Efficient Lawn Watering

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We all need to know the BEST way to water our lawns and plants.

Two of the biggest questions I get asked are how many minutes do I need to water and how often?

I will tell you how much and how often AFTER I give you the reason behind my response.

We live in an area with clay soil; clay soil does not absorb quickly. To get the water to penetrate the clay soil, you need to water using 3-4 start times, in short increments.

For example: If you water for 12 total minutes, set your clock as follows:

1. Start time 4:00 am - 3 minutes watering.

2. Start time 5:00 am - 3 minutes watering.

3. Start time 6:00 am - 3 minutes watering.

4. Start time 7:00 am – 3 minutes watering.

Waiting 1 – 1.5 hours between each watering cycle, enables the water to penetrate the clay soil better.

The example above is an average for spray zones. With various rotor and drip zones, we recommend increasing the number of minutes to about 30 minutes total; 4 start times at 7-8 minutes each.

Here is a best practice lawn watering schedule:


· How often do I need to water my lawn?

Water 3 days a week in the summer, on average.

If we get a streak of 100-degree days, increase watering to 4 days a week. Watering twice a week in the cooler months, is fine. (If we get a big rain, adjust accordingly)

· What time of day?

We suggest watering early morning.


· Each day you water, aim for 12 minutes total on spray zones, 30 minutes total on rotor and drip zones. (see example above)

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