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Pre-Emergent, Fertilizer, Grub Control all contribute to a healthy lawn.

Lawn chemicals are sometimes considered harsh, but studies show that they are safe to use; safe for humans, around their pets, and the environment, when they are applied properly.

A licensed applicator has been trained in how much chemical to use, when to use it and how to apply it. Steve has his chemical license and oversees our chemical application program.

Below you will see the benefit of each chemical explained. Applying the chemicals CONSISTENTLY gives you the best results.


Pre-emergent herbicides are chemical products used to control weeds. They don’t harm pre-established plants, rather they target seeds and stop them from germinating.

IMPORTANT! DO NOT skip pre-emergents. For some reason, may people seem to skip this product. But you get the best results when the germination process is interrupted. Using them consistently is key. This helps the weeds to not "get away from you".


Fertilizer is a key ingredient in growing and maintaining a green, healthy lawn. A great defense against invading weeds is lush, thick grass. Fertilizer helps wake up the grass from a dormant state and nourish it throughout the year.

Grub Control

Grubs can cause quite a lot of damage to North Texas lawns. We highly recommend preventative grub control. The best time for this treatment is in July. For a detailed explanation on grubs and the damage they can do, please read the blog page that covers it in detail.

The Key to a Healthy & Successful Chemical Program is CONSISTENTCY.

The best results are experienced over time. For example, one application of pre-emergent will not solve your weed problem completely. But consistent use of these chemical treatments gives you the best results. Each year, different weeds, funguses, and bugs can become a problem. You may need other products to address fungus issues, worm issues, etc. We can help with those as well.

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