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Lawn envy is real!

Here in North Texas, we take pride in lush, green, beautiful lawns!

Creating a healthy lawn does take some upkeep, but it is easy with great products and quality ingredients.

Using quality lawn chemicals consistently, especially pre-emergents, will help maintain a beautiful lawn.

Pre-emergents help prevent new weeds from germinating. Skipping pre-emergents is probably the number one problem when trying to reduce weeds in your lawn.

There is a best time of season for placing chemicals, here is our recommendation.


January - Pre-emergent

February - No treatment

March - Fertilizer

April - Fertilizer

May - Pre-emergent

June - Fertilizer

July - Grub control (late July)

August - Fertilizer

September - Pre-emergent

October - Winterizer/Fertilizer

November - No treatment

December - No treatment

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